Brinsworth Manor Infant School


 Welcome to the Robin Class



🍌🍊RSHE in Spring Term🍊🍌

In RSHE this half term we have been learning about how to live a healthy lifestyle. We have learnt about the amount of sugar in different drinks, we have learnt how to have a healthy balanced diet, we have learnt about self hygiene and oral health!

👷🏼‍♂️Design & technology in Spring Term 👷🏼‍♂️

We’ve put on our architect hats and enjoyed exploring different construction materials to build with. We’re going to be splurging different materials in our DT lessons linked to the 3 Little Pigs. I wonder which material will make the best house?

🌏 Great Geography in Spring Term 🌏

Using globes, maps and atlases to find and locate the UK, England and London!

We have had such a fun filled half term in the Robin Class. We have made lots of new friends and have been working super hard in all of our lessons! We have really enjoyed our topic story 'Zog'.  

Literacy 📝

In literacy we have learnt all about ‘adjectives’ and ‘verbs’. We have used this knowledge to rewrite the story ‘Zog’ through talk for writing. We really enjoyed creating our own actions to help us remember the story.

The Robins Class loves maths because we always have so much fun with practical and engaging activities. In maths this half term we have been learning about place value and addition. We are confident in counting and recognising where our numbers are placed on a number line. We have learnt about addition facts and different methods of helping us create addition number sentences. We have explored part part whole models, ten frames and bar models. We know all about the ‘add’ and ‘equals’ symbols and how to use them in a number sentence.

Science 🌳

In science we have learnt all about different types of plants such as wild plants and garden plants. We have learnt about the different parts of plants and have even had a go at growing our own cress! We started off our science lessons with a flower hunt on our school field where we practiced logging the amount of plants we saw with a tally chart.

Geography 🌍

In Geography we have become familiar with our surroundings and how that can look on a map. We can now use a key on a map to help us find things. This was very useful when we went for a Zog hunt on our school field! Our favourite dragon had been spotted flying over school and we think he landed on the school field so we used a map to help us. We didn’t see Zog himself but we did see lots of evidence to suggest he had been there such as his golden star, stretchy bandage and sticky plaster. How exciting!

R.E 🙏

In R.E we have learnt about the Christian religion.  We have learnt about what it means to belong and children thought about different places that they belong e.g. school with friends and teachers, home with family and some also said god. We have learnt about the traditions of some Christian events such as Christian weddings and we even had a lovely visit to our local church for harvest. We have recently learnt about some of the Christian symbols and what they mean.


In ICT we have been using ‘Purple Mash’. We started off by creating our own avatars which was so much fun! We are becoming more confident in logging into our own accounts and we are aware of the importance of keeping passwords private. We have been creating algorithms when completing challenges to move our icons from one area to another.