Brinsworth Manor Infant School


Giraffe's Garden


As the culmination of our learning on plants and the environment, the children worked collaboratively to create a small garden area, thinking about how they would like the plants positioning as well as how they would like the decorations placed.  Here is the end result, and the moment we would our award for "Best Planting Style"...

Giraffe Class' letters of persuasion


Here at Brinsworth Manor Infants School, we aim to have an broad curriculum that identifies how different subjects can link and cross over with each other.  This half term, the children have been exploring growing plants and flowers and their importance to the world.  In this project, they are designing a garden area to develop within school grounds so we decided to try and get persuasive in order to get the support of some local businesses.

Giraffe class in P.E.


Giraffe class have been taking part in a gymnastics lesson with our amazing P.E. coordinator focusing on travelling, balancing and jumping before putting these skills together in order to put their own routine together.

Science in Giraffe Class

We have been doing lots of work on plants and flowers this half term.  We've learned about the parts of plants: petals, stem, leaves, roots.  We've also been learning about what each part does.  They all have important jobs, like the roots anchor the plant to the ground and absorb water and nutrients from the soil.  At the moment, we're growing some sunflowers and have plants in class that we are looking after.

Geography in Giraffe Class

We're been learning about Peru.  This is a country in South America.  When we used Google Maps and explored the streets, we could see that the capital city, Lima, had many similarities and differences to our own towns and cities.  We're been using maps, atlases, globes and google maps to locate where in the world Peru is and been learning about things like their flag and foods.


Did you know they eat roasted guinea pig?

RE in Giraffe class - the stories of Moses

KS1 have been studying the stories of Moses from the bible. We've learned all about Moses and his life and how he helped the Jewish people escape the Pharaoh of Egypt. Here's the video Giraffe class used today (18/05/2021) to recap the key parts of the story before retelling it as a comic strip.

We've also looked at the Ten Commandments. This created a phenomenal discussion for the class. From this, the children thought about what rules they thought should be commandments. You'll be happy to know many believe you should not kiss your boyfriend or girlfriend until you are 18 years old and they are all against murder and stealing. One was also in favour of limiting screen time to 1 hour per day...

Giraffe class exploring 3D shape

We looked at 3D shape and used a variety of resources to make different 3D shapes including cubes, cuboids, prisms, square-based pyramids, triangular based pyramids and cones.  Throughout the week we learned about the faces, edges and vertices that make up every 3D shape.