Brinsworth Manor Infant School


 Our aim, through our maths teaching, is to create confident, creative mathematicians who can solve problems and calculations and explain their reasoning.  


We want children to have instant recall of a range of number facts, as well as the ability to solve problems using the most efficient strategy, either mental or written. 


Our maths lessons are the ideal opportunity to develop our learning skills of resilience, communication, reasoning, collaboration, reflection and challenge.  Maths is not simply about right or wrong answers.  We teach children to make links between concepts and operations, as well as to identify and use relationships and patterns.  Our emphasis is on “don’t count, calculate!” and there is a heavy focus on collaboration to discuss strategies and explore, justify or clarify answers. 


We use White Rose Maths to support us in breaking down the National Curriculum into smaller steps of learning.   


We have recently started to use Number Sense to teach number facts and this is proving a fantastic addition to our teaching and learning.  Children are engaging in lots of maths talk, subitising (knowing how many without counting) and spotting relationships between numbers.