Brinsworth Manor Infant School


We have had such a fun week in the Caterpillar Class this week! In literacy, we have been looking at a range of ‘Supertato’ books. Linked to these books, we have been very creative and made our very own super vegetables, superhero masks, cuffs and a superhero den. Children made up their own superhero names and decided what their superpower would be. We even did a superhero work out in PE this week. The children worked very hard and they were working on their balance and agility with their amazing superhero moves! 
In maths this week have have continued to learn about odd and even numbers. This week we have explored this through numicon and the children have been so confident in identifying odd and even numbers with reasoning.


This week in the Caterpillar Class we have read the story ‘Jim and the Beanstalk’. We saw a news clip explaining that a giant beanstalk and destroyed a small town! The Caterpillars were sure they knew how this happened and who was to blame so they wrote an evidence letter. The children also practiced interviewing each other to explain the details of the event. The children loved exploring with the giants teeth, wig and glasses. Because the giant has bad eye sight, we had an opticians in our classroom this week which the children had so much fun role playing in. 

We also celebrated Eid this week by learning all about the celebration, practicing henna patterns, creating crescent moons, trying new food that is eaten traditionally for Eid and practicing good deeds amongst peers by making cards and gifts and using kind words to each other.


Of course we ended our week with a lovely forest school session on the field. What a lovely week!

Jim and the Beanstalk