Brinsworth Manor Infant School


Welcome to Caterpillar Class

Spring 2


What is Community?


We have had a busy half term looking at 'What is Community?' 


We began our topic this half term by exploring our local environment and the people we could see in our community. We invited some very special people that help us into school to tell us all about their job and their role in the community.  



People who help us

In Literacy we did some research into Fire Fighters, Doctors and the Police. We explored lots of non- fiction books and watched some videos. We then created safety posters, fact files and wanted posters from what we had learnt in our lessons. 

Spring Term 1


How Can I Travel Around?


We have had a busy half term looking at 'How we can travel around?' 


We have looked at different modes of transport and how we can travel by air, sea and land. 






In Literacy we have been looking at retelling stories. We have exploring - 'The Naughty Bus' 'Mr Gumpy's Motorcar''The Train Ride' and 'Duck in a Truck'. 





In Maths we have had lots of fun exploring number bonds to 10. We used different resources to support our thinking and to help us recall numbers bonds. 


In Maths we have been exploring the composition of 5, 6, 7 and 8, combining 2 groups, comparing mass, comparing height and comparing length. 




This half term we have celebrated 'Chinese New Year' and 'Valentines Day' through stories and lots of exciting activities.

Week beginning 18th October 2021

Halloween Fun! 


Week Beginning 4th October 2021

This week we have enjoyed going on Dinosaur Adventures with Andy, travelling back in time to find out about different dinosaur species. In our literacy learning, we have been comparing different dinosaur species and using adjectives to describe their appearance and behaviour. Caterpillar Class have some super vocabulary! 

Dinosaur Raps Playlist - Andy's Dinosaur Adventure's - CBeebies

Ten CBeebies Dinosaur raps in one handy playlist from CBeebies Andy's Dinosaur AdventuresVisit to find even more fun games and ...

As part of our dinosaur investigations, we learned that dinosaurs lived millions of years ago, in the past. So we have been comparing past with the present day. We've discovered many differences in our environments...

When the dinosaurs lived, there were many trees, swamps, lakes, and volcanoes. In the present day, there are buildings, roads, and many other man made things. 

We loved learning about what the world was like in the past so much that we had a go at creating our own volcano using baking soda and vinegar. It was lots of fun (and maybe a little bit smelly!)

Week Beginning 27th September 2021

Our dinosaur has hatched...and it has escaped!!

When we came into school this morning, our dinosaur was gone and what a mess it had left behind it! There was paint on the tables, chairs knocked over, toys all over the floor...we could not believe it!

We decided to ask Mrs Bradley in the office to check the school cameras to find out what had happened in our classroom over night.

See the video clips below to find out what we found!

Week Beginning 20th September 2021

What an adventure we had at forest school today! We found a very mysterious egg under the tree by the chatting logs. It's much larger than the normal chicken eggs that we have for breakfast! We have been coming up with some very creative ideas as to where it came from and who it might belong to. In the meantime, whilst we solve the mystery of the egg, we have been busy building a nest to keep it safe in.