Brinsworth Manor Infant School


Welcome to Bee Class!

Planting our own Beanstalk

This week we have enjoyed learning how to plant our own beanstalk by following and writing instructions.

Jack and the Beanstalk

This week we have enjoyed exploring the traditional tale “Jack and the Beanstalk”. In Maths, we received some coins that Jack had stolen from the Giant. We shared them equally as a class but then debated on whether or not we should keep them. They did belong to the Giant after all!

The following day, Mrs Priest was missing!! Mrs Shaw in the office received a letter addressed to Bee Class in a massive envelope! We have never seen envelope so big! The letter was from the Giant who had found out we had his coins. We had to share the coins equally between the Giant and Jack, to free Mrs Priest from the Giant's castle. 

We've worked very hard this week. The children have been very engaged in their learning and were therefore rewarded with a gold chocolate coin from Jack and the Giant. 

St.George’s Day

Today we have enjoyed learning about St. George’s Day! We participated in lots of traditional celebrations including our lovely picnic on the field!

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