Brinsworth Manor Infant School

Religious Education

Religious Education in Year 1 and Year 2 (KS1)


In KS1 we teach a stand alone RE lesson every week.  Our topics in Spring Term are:



Year 1 - ‘What festivals do Jewish people celebrate?’

Year 2 - ‘Questions about God’



Year 1 - ‘Finding out about churches and synagogues’ followed by learning about Easter

Year 2 - ‘What do the symbols of Easter mean?’

So, what will we learn this term in Year 1?

In Spring 1 we will begin to understand a little more about the Jewish way of life through play, story, artefacts and listening. We will learn about the beliefs of Jewish people and compare them to our own and will also learn all about Shabbat and celebrations, thinking about how we like to celebrate too! In learning from Judaism, we will think about what is important to us and what can be learned from the Jewish way of life by referring simply to our own experiences, beliefs and values.


In Spring 2 we will think about the uses and designs of holy buildings, linking nicely to our Iggy Peck topic work! We will have fun exploring, questioning and responding to learning about sacred buildings: learning new key vocabulary and ideas


So, what will we learn this term in Year 2?

In Spring 1 we will explore ‘big questions’ that children might want to ask, including some religious or spiritual questions. We will have fun thinking of  ‘mystery’ or puzzling questions  that might not have a certain or agreed answer, but will learn that our questions are interesting and important!


In Spring 2 we will begin to find out about the symbols of the Christian festival of Easter. We will focus on the Christian belief about God as the source of new life, with opportunities provided to explore Bible stories of Jesus’ last week and death and the celebration of Easter today. Children will be enabled to relate these stories and celebrations simply to Christian ideas about the relationship between God and humankind and to relationships and celebrations in their own lives. They will be able to think about some big ideas and questions: Why is it important to remember? Why is it hard to forgive sometimes? Have you ever done anything that you regret? What would you give up to make yourself a better person?