Brinsworth Manor Infant School

Religious Education

The Passover Story in 10 Scenes

KS1 have been studying the stories of Moses from the bible.
We have been learning all about Moses and his life and how he helped the Jewish people escape the Pharaoh of Egypt. Here is the video KS1 classes used this week (18/05/2021) to recap the key parts of the story before retelling it...

Each week we’ve studied a new section of the story.

Here you can see us learning about the part where Moses mum sets him afloat down the River Nile in order to save him from the mean Pharoah of Egypt. 

You’ll also see us making our own ‘burning bushes’. The Burning Bush was they way that God chose to speak to Moses when telling him how he must save the Jewish people. We thought about why God may have chosen to speak to Moses through fire and came up with some really intersting thoughts...


Giraffe Class create their comic strips to retell the whole story...