Brinsworth Manor Infant School

Personal, Social and Emotional

This term we have been exploring our emotions...

We listened to the story of The Colour Monster and then created our own monsters, using different colours to explore how we're feeling.

We enjoyed exploring a clip from the Disney movie “Inside Out” to explore the feeling of Sadness. We thought about things that would make us sad and learned that this is okay! That it is okay to feel sad sometimes and that talking to a friend or trusted grown-up can help us to feel better.

We explored a clip with Dr Radha Modgil and her two puppet friends, Ben and Breagha, to find out all about what it's like to feel happy. We thought about things that make us feel happy and then tried to do something for someone else to make them happy.
We discussed what makes us feel worried and how talking about what makes us feel worried can help us feel better. We listened to the story of ‘A Huge Bag of Worries’ and talked about how we can take things out of our worry bag to make it easier to manage.

We enjoyed exploring the different emotions that we have learned about through roleplay and showing different emotions and face expressions for our families to guess how we’re feeling.

Can you guess how Riley is feeling?