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Nursery Ladybirds

It’s official Christmas is coming and this week we have been starting to get ready for it!

The children have been decorating a tree, practicing their fine motor skills in the salt tray and making cards and calendars for you. On Friday we filmed our Nativity play and very soon you will be able to see it on the Dojo!

Some of our activities and stories

The most fun we have had this week has been outdoors and the weather has been fantastic, we have learned so much through our senses and experienced wind, snow, rain and ice! So much questioning, suggesting ideas and finding out!

Snow days are the best days!

There are lots of things happening in Nursery at the moment so please check our news windows and the class dojo to keep up to date.

This week we have been doing lots of maths activities through our bear stories and especially our story about a very nosey little girl and 3 bears. Can you guess who we are talking about?

The story dragon left these stories this week!

Sing along with the story here.

Here are a selection of our maths activities looking at size

We also experienced the story too! First we made the porridge, next we went for a walk in the woods and finally we ate our porridge, you can see we really enjoyed it.

At Forest School we tried out the new resources making beds for the bears and using the new hammocks!

It’s all about the bears this week!

Our story dragon Zog has left us stories about bears this week. I think it is because the children love a bear story and because on Friday it is Children in Need Day. Our hero of Children in Need is the lovely yellow Pudsey Bear!





Our Story Dragon

Click on the links to share these stories at home

Storytime: Bears Don't Eat Egg Sandwiches with Julie Fulton

Jack has a visitor for lunch... but it's a bear! Jack's egg sandwiches aren't up to scratch, so what DO bears eat for lunch?Find out by watching Julie Fulton...

Peace at Last

Peace at Last by Jill Murphy, brought to life by Simple Stories!Please visit our;Website - http://www.simplestories.netFacebook -

So we needed to find out what bears do eat, in the book it had a jar of jam so we decided to make jam sandwiches.

We left him some delicious sandwiches to try.

We had a reply from the bear….

Well we had to make crackers too!!! A great excuse to count out and develop our fine motor skills again!

We are really pleased with the children starting to do their own writing too! You can practice writing or getting ready to write at home here are a couple of ideas, tummy writing, drawing on rolls of wallpaper and dough disco which develops the strength and stamina needed to hold a pen.

Fine motor development | Playdough song | If you're happy and you know it

A fun playdough song to develop fine motor control and coordination - get your kids ready for writing! Easy to follow playdough routine which is 3 minutes lo...

Leaves, Rockets and Aliens in Underpants, Whatever Next!

Nursery has had a great week of learning and it all started with one of our focus children’s interests. Your parent consultation sheets help steer our planning towards the children’s interests and this week has been a prime example of this. Please continue to fill them in each half term and put photos onto the dojo. 

Aliens Love underpants - Books Alive! Read Aloud book for kids

Books Alive! Read aloud Claire Freedman and Ben Cort's super funny tale of how Aliens nick our knickers! More funny reads here

Rockets, Aliens and Whatever Next

Lots and Lots of Lovely Leaves!

Raking, collecting and making a bug house and lots of creative fun too!

Welcome back to school Ladybirds!


This week has been such a busy week, we have had lots o fun and have been thinking about celebrations. We started the week looking at your Halloween trick or treat fun.

Spooky fun

Then we had a Birthday celebration for Coben who brought in delicious cake 🎂 and we sang and celebrated with him.

Happy Birthday Coben

Our third celebration this week was Diwali on Thursday. The children learned about the Fest of Light and how people prepare and celebrate together with dressing up, music and dancing, food and lots of hands on fun.

we have also started to learn to read our names and put our coats and shoes on all by ourselves!

Another great week of learning for our lovely Ladybirds! This week we have been learning about the Gruffalo child because the children have loved the Gruffalo so much!

Looks like someone is enjoying their mouse treat!

A trap to catch a big bad mouse!

Take a look at our decorating skills . Here are our big bad mouse biscuits!

At forest school we went to set mouse traps too!

We have also loved loose parts play making houses boats and even a motorbike!

What a busy week we have had in the Ladybirds. We have been enjoying the Gruffalo story and have done lots of learning indoors and outdoors and really love the outside water play. We had an Owl ice cream shop, visited a Gruffalo den in a deep dark wood and even made a Gruffalo crumble using real tinned Gruffalo. Thankyou to Arthur for bringing us ice cream it was a lovely treat to have with the crumble! 

Who loves a bit of baking? Ladybirds do especially when it’s Gruffalo crumble!

Ladybirds Learning information for Parents

Nursery Ladybirds overview to learning

In our nursery we recognize and value the importance of your child’s first year in school. We know how crucial it is to foster a love for learning and to follow a child centered approach to teaching. We know from educational studies that children learn most when engaged and excited about something and that each child is individual. Although we need to teach your child a range of skills and ensure the next steps are met throughout our knowledge of child development we also know that your child’s interests may not be the same as the other 48 children in nursery and to get the best from each child we need to use a planning in the moment approach to our nursery curriculum.


What is Planning in the Moment?

Planning in the moment is a style of teaching and learning introduced by Anna Ephgrave. In a nutshell it is taking your child’s interests and teaching the next steps for learning for your child in that moment as they happen. It is child led, based on your child’s interest at that moment and requires skilled practitioners to support model and teach the next step for your child there and then.


How does it work?

Each child has a focus week over a half term. Parents are a vital part of the planning for learning process by filling in a parent consultation sheet and sending pictures from home . This guides the learning by informing the practitioners of current interests, things that are happening at home and areas that parents may want to focus in on to support their child. Practitioners then use this to carefully support your child over the week, tailor provision and use their interests to develop and teach the next steps in learning for your child. At the end of the week assessments can be made and targets for learning and development identified for their next cycle of learning.


What about learning to read and write and maths?

We recognize the need to develop firm foundations for Literacy and Numeracy.  To do this we teach phonics and maths mastery in Reception year and in Nursery we develop the prerequisite skills for to these. This is done through short differentiated carpet sessions which teach early speaking, listening and activities. We also teach maths through counting rhymes and provide activities to develop fine motor skills for writing such as dough disco and write dance. In addition we know how important developing imagination and reading stories is for young children and use the helicopter stories approach to gather children’s own stories and act them out together. We ensure that good quality stories are read every day.

……..and this is only half of the day!!!!!


Last year during the pandemic we introduced forest school for our full time children in nursery. The benefits to the children’s prime areas of learning was noticeable and had a massive positive impact on children’s wellbeing and self-esteem especially in such a time of uncertainty and worry. Each day the children spent one nursery session (morning or afternoon) on the school field in the different woodland areas learning about themselves and their environment.


What is Forest School?

Forest school is a developmental learning approach that hinges on the learner being actively engaged with their outdoor environment on a regular basis. For us this means daily, all year and in all weathers. It is a long term process of learning that takes into account all of the learning that can happen over the seasons. For example, the changes such as autumn leaves, the frost and snow and its impact on wildlife, the start of spring and looking for new life and growth. It is a time to connect with nature and at the same time develop the prime areas of learning fundamental to our early year’s curriculum. Physical development, communication and language and personal and social development. As a learner centered approach it starts with the child and follows their interests and observations. children develop independence and social skills far more quickly by putting on their own outdoor kit, changing shoes for wellies and by looking after their friends and helping them to do so. The chatting, problem solving and suggestions of ideas that takes place on a walk to the woodland could never be sustained through a circle time on the carpet in nursery!!


So this year all of our children full time and part time are together in one nursery class. We now run an alternate forest school/ class provision this means that if your child is in Nursery all day one session (am or pm) will be forest school and one session will be in the nursery provision. If your child is mornings or afternoons they will experience alternate sessions so each day, it changes from nursery to forest school. Please ask the teachers to explain if this does not make sense.


Welcome Ladybirds!

What a busy week we’ve had in ladybirds! We’ve had so much fun!🐞