Brinsworth Manor Infant School


Science in Zebra Class

We have been doing lots of work on plants and flowers this half term.  We've learned about the parts of plants: petals, stem, leaves, roots.  We've also been learning about what each part does.  They all have important jobs, like the roots anchor the plant to the ground and absorb water and nutrients from the soil.  At the moment, we're growing some sunflowers and we have carried out an experiment to find out how well cress grown in different conditions.

Painting plant pots

Planting Sunflower seeds

Making flowers and talking about the function of each part

Literacy in Zebra Class

In Literacy we have been writing fact files about plants. We have tried to use different types of sentences in our writing as well as trying to include; adjectives, conjunctions, adverbs and commas in a list. We have edited and published our writing to create our own fact file which will go in our reading area in the classroom.

D&T in Zebra Class

In Design and Technology we looked at different types of gardens and talking about what we like and dislike about them. We looked at our garden designs and completed a ‘peer assessment’ task. We talked about what features we really liked about each design  and wrote ‘positive’ sticky notes to add to each others plans.

We then brought our designs and sticky notes to the carpet and voted for which features we wanted to ‘pinch’ from our designs to put into our whole class garden design!

Then we used lots of different materials to make the different parts of our class garden to create our prototype! We used our cutting, folding and joining skills to make the mini features.

Making our garden prototype

Geography in Zebra Class

We've been learning about Peru.  This is a country in South America.  When we used Google Maps and explored the streets, we could see that the capital city, Lima, had many similarities and differences to our own towns and cities.  We're been using maps, atlases, globes and google maps to locate where in the world Peru is and been learning about things like their flag and foods. We have also compared the human and physical features between Peru and Brinsworth.