Brinsworth Manor Infant School


Welcome to Zebra Class



🌼🌼Summer Term🌼🌼


To start off the new term we have read our topic book ‘Meerkat Mail’ and began to look at Sunny’s adventures. We have started to plan Sunny’s next adventure and think about a problem he may face on his travels! 



Linking to our literacy, we have been looking at where Sunny the meerkat is from in our story. We used Google Earth to explore the Kalahari desert and looked at it’s similarities and differences to the UK using globes and Google Earth. We then had a look at different pictures of the Kalahari desert and had a discussion about what we could see and something that we would like to find out. 

☀️☀️Spring term☀️☀️



Our topic this half term in history has been The Great Fire of London. The children have compared life in 1666 to now and reflected about how our lives are different. The children have remembered many facts about how The Great Fire of London started and why so many houses burnt down. Children explored a range of sources and decided which were most helpful when learning about this event. At the end of our topic we were very lucky to have a visitor who brought real life artefacts for us to explore. I know the children enjoyed guessing what the artefacts were for and gaining more points than the class teacher! Lots of the children loved using the quill pens and ink just like Samuel Pepys did. 



This term in geography we have introduced modern London. The children enjoyed exploring the maps and atlases to locate the UK and the capital city of London. We have explored some of the most famous London landmarks and have created some fantastic art work and models.



This week in zebra class we have been busy working hard looking at and identifying different fractions.


In zebra class this term we have been learning about how to use different search engines correctly and safely. We’ve taken part in our own research, quizzes and created our own leaflets using what we’ve learnt so far.
🛑🛑Red Nose Day🛑🛑

On Friday we raised lots of money for Red Nose Day by taking part in a bake off and selling all the delicious cakes and sweet treats we had made! We also had a go at making our own Red Nose Day biscuits using chocolate, icing sugar and biscuits. They were yummy🍰


🌍Climate week🌏

This week in Geography we have been learning about climate change. We started off the week by having a look at the impact humans are having on the climate. We were very shocked to see the negative impact we were having on our planet! We then had a discussion on why these things are affecting the climate. 

Next, we had a look at different photos which showed us the impact climate change is having on plants, animals, our environment and us as humans. Afterwards, we had a think about what we could do to help save our planet and make a better future. Some of the ideas we came up with were, recycle, walk to school, turn lights off, don’t cut down trees and don’t litter. We created our own footprints to create some goals for how we can make our planet a better place. 


This week in science we have been investigating waterproof materials and how we can make things waterproof. First we had a discussion about some materials we think are waterproof, we came up with lots of ideas. 

Then, we collected a range of materials and conducted an experiment to see whether they were waterproof or not. We tested each material with a waterproof coating and without, we found that plastic was waterproof both with and without a waterproof coating whereas paper towels were not waterproof without and with the waterproof coating. 


We are having a fun and busy term so far.



We are all enjoying learning through our main Immersive reading texts 'Iggy Peck Architect' and 'Is this my home?'


We are focusing on SPaG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) in our Literacy at the moment.  Our aim is to record more complex sentences using the correct punctuation.  We are challenging ourselves to use conjunctions (because, but, and) and descriptive language (such as adjectives and adverbs).   


In maths this term we have been learning about Multiplication and Division and we have now linked this understanding to Fractions.  We have explored finding a half, a quarter and a third.  We are still focusing on our Number Sense lessons so that we can recall number facts and it would be great if you could help us to practise these using Numbots, TTRock and our White Rose 1-min maths app.    


Here are some other games to practise your number bonds: