Brinsworth Manor Infant School

Remote Learning

Where needed, the Remote Learning Provision we offer at Brinsworth Manor Infant School is high-quality and safe, and aligns as closely as possible with in-school provision.

We continue to teach an ambitious and broad curriculum in all subjects from the start of the Autumn term, but make use of existing flexibilities to create time to cover the most important missed content. The remote learning programme links to our school curriculum planning and covers the knowledge and skills planned to be taught during each specific half term within the classroom. During the Autumn term prioritisation within subjects will be one of the most important components for progression as pupils will recall prior learning and build upon known concepts. Remote education may need to be an essential component in the delivery of the school curriculum for some pupils, if a bubble has to close due to positive cases, if a child needs to self-isolate (due to ‘Test and Trace’), or in the case of a local lockdown.


Please find our Remote Learning Offer and advice to Parents/Carers below, including our Remote Learning policy.