Brinsworth Manor Infant School


🌸🌱Penguin Class have been so busy over the last half-term! 🌹🌿 We’ve been learning all about plants, flowers and gardens in science and DT. 🥀🥔 This will continue into our final summer half-term where we will also be looking at plants, trees and animals of the rainforest! 🐅🐸🐊🐵🌴


Last half term we enjoyed designing our own Penguin Garden for our KS1 project and competition. First we visited our school field and our caretaker’s garden to look at the different flowers and vegetables that grow. We then looked online at a variety of different gardens and evaluated them by talking about our likes and dislikes. We were very clever and wrote real letters to garden centres, supermarkets and shops to see if anyone would kindly donate anything from our wish list! ⭐ Parents also kindly donated lots of items. We created an amazing design as a team and also made a 3D prototype in a big tray. Our next step is to create the real garden! Watch out for photos soon! 💐🌷🌹🌼


This half term our class is trialling PE sessions run by RUFC! The first session was so much fun! We played lots of team games on the school field and a small group also benefitted from joining a reading club to develop phonics and reading skills. 


Please look at all of our exciting photos below. These will keep changing as we are very busy Penguins! 😀🐧⭐🐧