Brinsworth Manor Infant School


What makes the perfect habitat? Through our immersive reading text 'Meerkat Mail' by Emily Gravett

Key Stage 1 have explored this inspiring text all about Sunny the meerkat. Sunny lives in the Kalahari Desert, which we are learning all about in Geography, with his extensive and loving meerkat family; they work together, play together and together do their best to stay away from jackals! But Sunny is starting to feel claustrophobic and decides to set off to stay with his mongoose cousins and explore the outside world.


In our Literacy learning we are writing creative stories about a new journey for Sunny. The children are enjoying learning about Meerkats so much that they will be creating an information book 'All about Meerkats'. The children are so excited to be visiting the Yorkshire Wildlife Park and meeting the meerkats in real life. We will also be exploring our enquiry question and looking at other animal habitats around the world.


Later in the term we will be using some of our Science learning about different animal groups and creating non-chronological reports to tell others about our newly learnt animal facts. We will also create animal riddles to entertain our readers as they try and guess the animals after hearing each clue!

Read Write Inc phonics


This half term we continue to learn our phonics and reading through Read Write Inc phonics! We are so happy to see the children learning exactly what they need to in order to make excellent progress in their reading! Each day the children have a speed sound lesson and develop their reading skills by working on either their accuracy in decoding words or their fluency in reading. We then make clear links to our Literacy learning by making connections to newly learnt RWI sounds. We do this using individualised learning journeys containing phonics and writing prompts for children to access independently with the aim of developing their confidence in writing.


We try to teach children to be resilient and to try their best even if they sometimes find learning difficult. This positive attitude to learning helps our children to take pride in their literacy learning and make good progress.